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May 04, 2010



So, are we to wait until the end of the week to discuss the chapters for the week or are we to discuss the chapters during their assigned week?

Jane Oliver-Purton

I heard some people in Wisconsin were going to do this in October. Does anyone have information on that? Not that I can wait!


I think it's probably best to let the schedule dictate what/how you comment on the book, especially given American Gods' twists and turns.


I know this is going to sound stupid, but I just joined this train and it took me a minute to figure out which book to read. Nowhere in THIS post do you mention it.

I clicked on the "One Book, One Twitter" in the first paragraph thinking maybe it was going to take me to an official One Book, One Twitter website, instead it is the Wired article. This article has a picture of a tweet (listed as 'a minute ago' because it's just a picture) that makes it look like the book is Fahrenheit 451.

The Gaiman link just takes me to Neil's blog.

Okay, eventually I got to the actual blog instead of a direct link to this post, and read the previous post and figured it out. But I thought I should mention that sentence reminding everybody of the specific book would have been nice.

Jeff Howe

I'd say all the comments here are spot on, Joseph. Let me try to clarify, then I'll change the post.

1) I think we can begin discussing the chapters right away, keeping in mind some people won't have finished Chapter 3 by tomorrow, etc.

2) I have had no contact with the Wisconsin splinter cell.

3) It is American Gods. That probably seems self-evident to some of us, but not to anyone arriving today. Sorry!

Carol Jago

Is this where the discussion of American Gods will take place?


Jeff -

Thank you for pulling this together. I'll be on tour for most of the 8 weeks of One Book One Twitter, and I'm looking forward to bringing this mobile book club along with me!

My very best to you in all your endeavors,


I'm wondering if we might want to make up some hashtags to help categorize tweets, such as #shadow #myths #questions. I suppose these will be generated naturally as we roll along. Can't wait to dive in!


maybe people could hashtag their comments with the chapter they refer to, (i.e. #cpt3), so as not to spoil the fun for the others who might be at an earlier chapter still?

Jeff Howe

@D ... This is a wonderful idea! I'm going to propose it on Twitter today! Thanks ... I love the chapter hash idea.


Downloaded to kindle on my phone last night and read Chapter 1, so I'm actually still on track. Thanks for putting this all together, Jeff. Enjoying this ride and also looking forward to the next one. :)


The House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin is holding an American Gods "Low-Key Gathering" at the end of October... (Let me pull down the information from my ticked confirmation)

October 29-31st, 2010
Unlimited admission to the House on the Rock
Admission to the Friday night Neil Gaiman reading and Q&A
Admission for the Saturday Workshops
Admission for the Saturday evening event - food and raffle ticket
and Scavenger Hunt

I was VERY excited to find this project because I was wanting to re-read the book before October and the event... there are links floating about the interwebs for more information. I know that there are a couple facebook groups for this event as well.

Dr Pauline Kiernan

Why American Gods? Can you give reasons for your choice? Just wondering what criteria is used. Just personal preference or what?
Dr Pauline Kiernan


This is a great idea! I have just found the links on Stephen Fry's website, and ordered American Gods from Amazon, so I'll have to read fast and catch up with the schedule when the book arrives. I have seen favourable reviews of the book, but I have not yet read it, so this is a good opportunity. I'll be interested to see how Neil Gaiman's work compares to Martin Miller's books.


This is just amazing. I'm a huge fan of Gaiman and this book was just on my list of TO READ! this just gave it a push to the top of the list and I'm already in love with it. Gaiman is an amazing writer and the idea of a bookclub on twitter is great. THANK YOU


I love Neil Gaiman's work, but he has millions of fans on Twitter that have undoubtedly read American Gods. Is this an artifact of crowdsourcing--to collectively choose a book that everyone has already read?

Great idea.

Lame result.

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