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Crowdsourcing: A Definition

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The Rise of Crowdsourcing

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April 29, 2010


Carolyn B.

Ah! I buy this book anytime I see it at thrift stores, then give it away to friends who haven't read it yet!! My friend is reading it right now. I didn't even know this was happening... It's psychic. I think everyone should red American Gods 50 times, then 50 more times. I am reading it, and a few others right now, too. :D Hooray!


I Love this book. I am re-reading it for the 4th time. In October there is an American Gods event in Wisconsin. Looking forward to seeing what first time readers think of this book

Account Deleted

Great, it's a Neil Gaiman I haven't read yet. Very nice idea, so I'll join this worldwide movement and read it this WINTER. ;)


I'm all ready. Sent my other half to the bookshop on the way home from work. Sorted...well, once I finish my current book. Next week it's all about #1b1t


Just re-read it about 2 months ago (for the 4th time), but now I have an excuse to read it again! W00t!


I read American Gods when pregnant with my first child, & again, when pregnant with my second. Thus my son is name "Loki" :)

Manda Minor

Yay! I should reread it anyway, this gives me a great excuse! You named your son Loki? Did you research Loki at all? Our cat's name is Loki, but that is a cat LOL!


I got this book for Xmas--now it moves to the top of the pile!!!


Cool idea, I've still got a copy somewhere in the house; I read it ages ago and would love to re-read. Txs for the inspiration!

Ansel Burch

I know I'll be plugging this project heavily. Out of all the dross which we see from the internet this is an application which truly shows the grandeur and beauty available to us in this new worldwide community.


"The really dangerous people believe they are doing whatever they are doing solely and only because it is without question the right thing to do. And that is what makes them dangerous."

God(s), I love this book!


What a great reason to re-read this book! I'm in!


woohoo! picked up my copy today. this will be my 2nd read-through of American Gods. i too am in school this term, but this is what study breaks are for, right? ;)


I adore this book- always up for reading it again and again :D


I would love to have an excuse to read this again, school work aside I'm sure I can find time. I will pass on this message to my husband, my twitter and facebook friends, and anyone else I think should partake, so everyone! :D

Happy Reading.


About time I re-read it, it did seriously freak me out the first time around and I left my copy in a rented cottage in the UK! I do have a nice shiny new copy signed by Neil Gaiman though so this makes it all the more special. Yay for this whole idea, love it.


Bought a copy yesterday and it's sitting in front of me looking all tempting, like a cupcake I can't eat right away. My daughter's a huge Gaiman fan and a mad Twitter geek as well, so I have to buy her a copy too. My kid and I spend long hours having philosophical debates or talks about art history. I can only begin to imagine the kinds of discussions we'll be having as we're reading the same book. Coolest. Idea. Ever.


I accidentally bought a copy when I went to see Neil Gaiman in Wellington in March. I've read it before, but this will be the first time I'll be reading my own copy. :D

Sue in Eau Claire WI

Already have "American Gods" to re-read in anticipation of the event in Wisconsin in October--already have my ticket for that! Attending with my daughter and her fiance. Favorite author and favorite book--who could ask for more?


Awesome Idea.
I'm going to Barnes and Noble Stat.


Awesome selection, I've read it once before but had been wanting to read it again soon. This is also a very awesome idea. I just "One-clicked" the book to my Kindle.


I've read it twice before, and reading together will be 'a good reason for a third time ^_^ It's my favorite of Gaiman's books and this is an extraordinary idea.


Brilliant choice! I missed the voting - but this would have been my wish anyway. Neil Gaiman is my favourite writer and this is my favourite book of his. Even so, for some odd reason, I never actually finished it. This will be a great opportunity to do so, utilizing peer pressure. ;) I have the hardback edition, may buy a paperback as well to take with me as I travel around. Perhaps there's an eBook I could load onto my iPhone, as well? Anyroad, brilliant!


I'm going to start it as soon as I finish the semester, and "John Adams" by David McCullough (which is a giant!). So excited! I've heard great things about "American Gods"!


Get it from Amazon... used. Real cheap so everyone can afford to get it :)

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